ICAO ATC Training for International Students Advanced ATC offers a variety of ICAO ATC Training from Basic to Advanced courses. For Aerodrome Control we offer two training programmes for International Students: Entry Level and Advanced. The Entry Level Training Program lasts 13 consecutive weeks and it consists of 7 weeks of Classroom Instruction and a minimum of 6 weeks of Simulation Training. The Advanced Aerodrome Training Programme lasts 26 consecutive weeks, and it consists of 7 weeks of Classroom Instruction and 19 weeks of Advanced Simulation Training.

Phase 1: Theoretical Training (5 Weeks)

ICAO 051 ATC Basic

The ATC Basic Course meets ICAO and EASA requirements and follows the principle of the Eurocontrol model of Common Core Content covering the following subjects:

  • Aviation Law
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Equipment and Systems
  • Principles of Flight and Aircraft Recognition
  • Human Factors
  • Professional Environment

Phase 2: Theoretical Training – Aerodrome Control (2 Weeks)

ICAO 052 Aerodrome Control (Theory)

In this phase of training, students will learn to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the control of aircraft both in the air and on the ground, vehicles on and around the aerodrome, control positions and their duties and responsibilities, control tower equipment and its use, and weather observations through oral and written lessons and evaluations.

Additional subjects included in this phase are:

  • Aerodrome Control
  • Aircraft and Helicopter Operations
  • Aerodromes
  • Unusual/Emergency Situations

Phase 3: Simulation Training (6 Weeks) or Advanced Simulation Training (19 Weeks)

ICAO 052 Aerodrome Practical Training

Simulator training is conducted in a 3D aerodrome simulator and includes of a minimum of 25 exercises, (6 week course) with different levels of complexity and traffic volume.

The aerodrome environment can be either generic or client specified and simulates all conditions that may be encountered by an aerodrome controller. The generic environment can simulate single, parallel and cross runway operations with a mix of civilian and military tra­ffic or either civilian or military only.

The training includes all ground and aerodrome operations, including, issuing clearances, IFR and VFR departure and arrival procedures and separation criteria, helicopter operations, wake turbulence separation, unusual and emergency situations.

The successful completion of this training will qualify you as an Aerodrome Controller.

ICAO ATC Training

phase 2

Additional Instruction

Advanced ATC offers additional ICAO ATC training instruction as requested. Click here see our full ICAO Course Listings and Catalog.

Control Tower Operator (CTO) Certification

** Supplemental instruction is unlimited, and one-on-one tutoring is available at no extra charge as long as attendance requirements are met.