Advanced ATC is the only private Air Traffic Control Academy certified as an ICAO Trainair Plus Associate member, located in the United States.

Advanced ATC offers the following ICAO Courses:

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  • Air Traffic Control Ab Initio (BAS) (ICAO 051)
  • Aerodrome Control (ADC) (ICAO 052)
  • Aerodrome Control – Refresher (ADC-R) (ICAO 052C)
  • Approach Control Non-Radar (Procedural) (APP) (ICAO 053)
  • Approach Control Non-Radar Refresher (APP-R) (ICAO 053C)
  • Approach Control Surveillance (APS) (ICAO 054)
  • Approach Control Surveillance (APS-R) (ICAO 054C)
  • Area Control Non-Radar (Procedural) (ACP) (ICAO 055)
  • Area Control Surveillance (ACS) (ICAO 054)
  • Combined ATC Course (ICAO 051, 052, 053 & 054)
  • Aviation English (ICAO 059)
  • Air Traffic Control METAR (ICAO 059)

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