Advanced ATC

Air Traffic Control School

Training with Advanced ATC Air Traffic Control School, qualifies students, who have little or no previous experience, to make application to the Federal Aviation Administration for their Control Tower Operator’s certification in accordance with FAR Part 65.

The Need for Air Traffic Controllers:

  • Thousands of new Air Traffic Controllers are needed over the next 10 years.
  • FAA Air Traffic Controller earnings:
    • Entry Level: $62,000
    • Mid Level: $95,000
    • Max Level: $173,000
  • Long Term Career Potential

The Solution:

Advanced ATC Air Traffic Control School students with no previous experience are trained to be eligible to make application for Control Tower Operator certification by the Federal Aviation Administration in accordance with FAR Part 65.

Some highlights of Advanced ATC training:

  • Limited monthly enrollment (up to 6 students per month)
  • Low Student to Instructor ratio
  • Intensive, Accelerated Curriculum
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Live traffic experience – apply what you learn
  • Job placement assistance

Advanced ATC is your solution for all the tools necessary to achieve your Control Tower Operator certification, reach out today and contact us to find out more about our program, our locations and various other assistance packages we offer to assist you in realizing your dream.

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