Admissions Requirements for International Students

Be advised that a non-U.S. Citizen is NOT authorized for employment as an Air Traffic Controller within the United States.

  1. Complete the Enrollment Application.
    Submit a secure online Enrollment Application here
    Download Advanced ATC Enrollment Application
  2. A non-refundable international student processing fee of $450.00.
  3. Although Advanced ATC is an ICAO Trainair Plus certified ATC Academy, we suggest that prior to commencing any training, all attendees contact the National Aviation Authority responsible for issuing ATC licenses in their country to confirm the NAA will accept ICAO training received at Advanced ATC. Please ensure that you obtain written assurances from the appropriate licensing authority.
  4. All attendees are required to hold an ICAO English Level 4 certification, before commencing training at our academy. (Varies by contract) 
  5. All attendees are to complete the appropriate Aviation Medical examination, with a registered Aviation Medical Examiner, before commencing any training to ensure they have no underlying medical condition that may prevent them from obtaining an ATC license.
  6. All attendees are responsible for obtaining a valid student visa required for the duration of their training in the United States.  AATC will provide  confirmation of enrollment, if required for visa purposes.
  7. Course fees do not include accommodation, transportation or living expenses.
  8.  Documentation indicating that they have sufficient funds to meet their educational and living expenses.
  9. Two (2) passport size pictures (2″x 2″) showing your full face.
  10. A copy of their current passport, valid for at least six (6) months after completion of the course .
  11. Submit the required deposit as determined by Advanced ATC, Inc. AATC will then send your acceptance letter and receipt for all funds received along with confirmation of your enrollment.
  12. After receiving an acceptance letter and confirmation of your enrollment, you can then begin working on obtaining your Visa.

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