Advanced ATC is the only private Air Traffic Control Academy located in the United States. Advanced ATC is recognized by the ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS program. TRAINAIR PLUS is a cooperative network of civil aviation training centers which develop training courses based on a standardized methodology. To be invited to participate in the ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS program, these training centers must demonstrate their course development, delivery, and maintenance activities are in full compliance with the new ICAO instructional system guidelines. This is accomplished through a detailed administrative review of the center’s course catalog and a rigorous on-site audit of their training resources.

Advanced ATC offers the following ICAO Courses on a regular basis:

  • Air Traffic Control Ab Initio (ICAO 051)
  • Aerodrome Control (ICAO 052)
  • Non-Radar Approach Procedural (ICAO 053)
  • Radar Approach (ICAO 054)
  • A Combined ATC Course (ICAO 051, 052, 053, and 054)
  • Aviation English (ICAO 059)
  • Air Traffic Control METAR (ICAO 059)
  • And several others (please see our full ICAO Course Catalog)